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We Provide Specialized Solutions to Engineering Problems
Our focus covers a variety of disciplines including fluid flow, heat transfer, stress and failure analysis and safety. In particular, we specialize in the use of high speed computer simulations of difficult problems such as wind noise, the motion of ocean platforms, vortex–induced vibration of risers (pipelines), blood pump analysis, unsteady aerodynamics, dynamic structural buckling, convective cooling and related problems.
Two papers representing work done by Red Wing Engineering, Inc. will be presented at the Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Conference 2010 to be held at Shanghai, China from 6 to 11 June 2010. The first paper, “Vortex Induced Vibration Analysis of a Complex Subsea Jumper,” describes the solution of vortex induced vibration problems for a submerged pipeline with a complex shape. The second paper, “Calculation of Manoeuvring Forces on Submarines using Two Viscous-flow Solvers,” discusses the problems of predicting the dynamic forces on submarines and the issues of response and stability. This paper shows that the methods used to predict dynamic response are also good at predicting steady state parameters such as lift and drag.

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