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Red Wing Engineering, Inc. has a wide range of experience in the analysis of mechanical engineering problems ranging from fluid flow and heat transfer to the design of biomedical devices and vehicle accident analysis. Our experience includes solving unusual and difficult problems, such as the prediction of the unsteady forces generated by passing vehicles, the generation of wind noise, and fluid flow in medical devices.

We provide our clients with solutions — including consulting, analysis, software and support — in a combination that is tailored to your needs. We can provide a complete solution or help your staff obtain the tools and expertise required to bring the solution process in-house. Below are some examples of our work.

Example Projects:

Ocean Engineering: We are actively engaged in developing new techniques for the design and analysis of offshore structures including floating platforms and risers. We have pioneered the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for the simulation of spar and riser vortex induced vibration and as a complement to tow tank testing. (details)

Drag and Dynamic Maneuvering Forces: Both manned and unmanned underwater vehicles are widely used for research, equipment installation and maintenance, and as weapons. The increased sophistication and changes in operational environment of these systems have put a new emphasis on all aspects of design including hydrodynamic performance. The problem of designing submarine vehicles for low drag and good handling and stability has been the subject of many studies dating back to the beginning of the last century. (details)

Design of Medical Devices: CFD is an effective tool for the complex design problem of blood pumps. We first solved a complete blood pump design analysis for our client to demonstrate the use of CFD in design. We also developed a software module to predict the blood damage, an important design criteria. We then assisted the client in developing a continuing in-house CFD design capability combining both software and hardware.

Wind Generated Noise: CFD solutions can be combined with acoustics analysis to predict wind noise at low Mach numbers. Our application of these techniques includes the prediction of the noise generated by train pantographs, automobile antennas and similar structures. These techniques can be applied to a variety of structures and can be applied to fluid flow problems such as ship propeller noise. We assisted a manufacturer of high speed trains in bringing this analysis capability in house.

Vehicle Aerodynamics: Passing trains can generate strong aerodynamic forces. In an earlier study, Dr. Holmes used CFD techniques to predict the dynamic loads generated by a high-speed train passing other rail cars. The aerodynamic loads were used to evaluate the risk of accidents such as damage to commuter car windows or derailing the slower train. (details)

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