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Journal and Conference Proceeding Publications:
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1. “Calculation of the Manoeuvring Forces on Submarines using two Viscous-flow Solvers,” with Guilherme Vaz and Serge Toxopeus, OMAE 2010-20373
2. “Vortex Induced Vibration Analysis of a Complete Subsea Jumper,” with Yiannis Constantinitus, OMAE2010-20520
3. “Using CFD to study the effects of staggered buoyancy on drilling riser VIV,” with O. Oakley, K Raghavan and Y. Constantinitus, OMAE2008-57434
4. “Centerwell Water Motions and Hydrodynamic Loading Using Viscous Flow Calculation,” with A. Magee and J. Gebarra, OMAE2008-57882
5. “Predicting Spar VIM Using CFD,” OMAE2008-57706
6. “CFD High L/D Riser Modeling Study,” OMAE2007-29151 (June 2007)
7. “Simulation of Riser VIV Using Fully Three Dimensional CFD Simulations,” OMAE2006-92124 (June 2006)
8. “Analysis of Turbulent Flows and VIV of Truss Spar Riser,” OMAE2006 (June 2006)
9. “Application of CFD Methods for Modeling Spar VIM,” OMAE2006 (June 2006)
10. “Benchmarking of Truss Spar Vortex Induced Motions Derived from CFD with Experiments,” OMAE2005-67252 (June 2005)
11. “Modeling Vortex Induced Motions of Spars in Uniform and Stratified Flows,” OMAE2005-67238 (June 2005)
12. “Modeling GBS Hydrodynamics with CFD,” OTC2005 (May 2005)
13. “Measurement of the Aerodynamic Pressures Produced by Passing Trains”, Proceedings of: The 2002 ASME/IEEE Joint Rail Conference, JRC2002 (23 April 2002)
14. “Heave Plate Design with Computational Fluid Dynamics,” JOMAE, Vol. 123 February 2001
15. “High-Speed Passenger and Intercity Train Aerodynamic Computer Modeling,” in Rail Transportation 2000 ed. S. K. Punwani, ASME Publication 2000 168 pp. ISBN: 0-7918-1926-4 RTD-Vol. 19 (2000)
16. “Computation of the Airframe Noise of a Wing-Flap Configuration,” AIAA-99-1801
17. “Solution of Train-Tunnel Entry Flow Using Parallel Computing,” Computational Mechanics, Vol 23 # 2, Mar. 1999
18. “Predicting the Wind Noise from the Pantograph Cover of a Train,” Int. J. Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol. 24, 1307-1319 (1997)
19. “Calculating the Wind Noise Radiated by a Plate at Low Mach Numbers,” Proc. of the Sixth International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Vol. I, Sept, 1995. M. Hafez ed. U. C. Davis.
20. “Modeling the Process of Failure in Structures” with S. W. Kirkpatrick, J. Simons, J.H. Giovanola and L. Seaman, Structural Crashworthiness and Failure, ed. T Wierzbeicki and N Jones, Elsevier Applied Science Publishers, March 1993
21. “Development of a New Finite Element Model for SID,” with S. W. Kirkpatrick, W. T. Hallowell, H. C. Gabler and T. J. Trella, SAE 930104- February, 1993
22. “Measurement of Explosive Blast Loads with Flatpack Stress Gages,” with J. K. Gran and D. R. Curran, Shock Compression of Condensed Matter, - ed. S. C. Schmidt et al. June 1991
23. “Ductile Failure of Shells Following Multiaxial Dynamic Strain Histories,” with S. W. Kirkpatrick and J. LeMonds, Failure Criteria in Dynamic Response -ed. Herbert Lindberg, ASME Publication AMD Vol. 107, ASME, NY, 1990.
24. “Static and Dynamic Buckling of Thin Cylindrical Shells,” with S. W. Kirkpatrick, Computational Aspects of Impact and Penetration, L. Schwer ed., Elmepress Int., 1990
25. “Reconstruction of Fracture Processes in Thin Aluminum Sheet Using Fracture Surface Topography Analysis (FRASTA)”, FAA Aging Aircraft Symposium – 1990
26. “Combined Effects of Strain Rate, Temperature, and Loading Constraints on Microscopic Fracture,” with D. R. Curran, L. Seaman, and J. H. Giovanola, High Temperature Fracture Fracture Mechanisms and Mechanics, Ed. P. Bensussan et al., Mechanical Engineering Publications Limited, London, 1990.
27. “Collapse of Thin Cylindrical Shells under Combined Static Axial and Dynamic Radial Loads,” with S. W. Kirkpatrick, Recent Advances in Impact Dynamics of Engineering Structures - 1989, D. Hui and N. Jones ed., AMD-Vol. 105, AD-Vol. 17, ASME, NY, Dec 1989
28. “Axial Buckling of a Thin Cylindrical Shell: Experiments and Calculations,” with S. W. Kirkpatrick, Computational Experiments PVP Vol. 176, ASME Publications, 1989
29. “The Effect of Imperfections on the Dynamic Buckling of Shells,” with S. W. Kirkpatrick, ASCE J. of Eng. Mech., Vol 115, No. 5, pp. 1075-1093, May 1989
30. “Response of Impulsively Loaded Cylindrical Shells,” with P. R. Gefkin and S. W. Kirkpatrick, Int. J. Impact Engng. Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 213-227, 1988
31. “Response and Failure of Metal Tanks from Impulsive Spot Loading: Experiments and Calculations,” with L. E. Schwer and S. W. Kirkpatrick, Int. J. of Solids and Struct., Vol. 24, No. 8, pp. 817-833, July 1988
32. “Structural Response of Thin Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Impulsive External Loads,” with S. W. Kirkpatrick, AIAA Journal, Vol. 26, No. l, pp. 96-103, January 1988
33. “Response of Metal Tanks to Impulsive Spot Loading: Experiments and Calculations,: in Impact, Effects of Fast Transient Loadings,” ed. W. J. Ammann et al. Balkema, Rotterdam, 1988
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35. “Piezoresistant Response of Vapor-deposited Ytterbium,” with J. Aidun, Shock Waves in Condensed Matter, ed. Y. M. Gupta, Plenum Press, NY, 1986
36. “Pressure Measurements in Laser-Supported Plasmas with Piezoresistance Gages,” Experimental Mechanics, Vol. 25, No. l, 32-42, March 1985
37. “Impact Characteristics of Hazardous Materials Containers,” in Atmospheric Dispersion of Hazardous/Toxic Materials from Transport Accidents, ed. W. F. Dabberdt In. Cent. for Trans. Studies Vol. V, Rome, Italy, 1983
38. “Measuring Pressure from Short Laser Pulses,” in Proceedings of the APS Conf. on Shock Waves in Condensed Matter, North Holland, Amsterdam, 1983
39. “Safety Research for Transportation Systems: An Overview and Identification of Areas of Future Research,” with K. Saczalski, Transportation Research: State of the Art, Perspectives and International Cooperation, Int. Center for Trans. Studies, Vol. 1, Rome, Italy, 1981
40. “Laser-Target Interaction Near the Plasma Formation Threshold,” with W. E. Maher and R. B. Hall, J. Appl. Phys. 51, 5699, 1980
41. “Development of New Structures Using Small-Scale Models,” Presented at the International School of Transportation Systems Analysis, Erice, Sicily, 12-20 November 1978
42. “Surface Pressures from Laser Supported Detonations,” with D. C. Erlich, J. Appl. Phys., 48, 2396, 1977
43. “Developing a New Vehicle Structure with Scale Modeling Techniques,” with J. K. Gran and J. D. Colton, in Measurement and Prediction of Biodynamic Crash-Impact Response, The Am. Soc. of Mech. Engineers, NY 1976
44. “Application of Scale Modeling Techniques to Crashworthiness Research.” with J. D. Colton, in Aircraft Crashworthiness, ed. K. Saczalski et al., University Press of Virginia, 1975
45. “Scale Modeling of Vehicle Crashes - Techniques, Applicability, and Accuracy; Cost Effectiveness,” with G. E. Sliter, Soc. of Automotive Engineers, Paper 740586 (August 1974).
46. “Scale Model Experiments for Safety Car Development,” with J. D. Colton, Trans. Soc. Automotive Engineers, January 1973)
47. “Steady Shock Waves in Composite Materials,” with F. K. Tsou, J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 43, No. 3, 1972.
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